Supporting Medicare for All & Advocating for Seniors

The pandemic has reminded us just how fragile our healthcare system is. While the Affordable Care Act expanded coverage and revolutionized how we think of healthcare, Republicans attempts to gut the measure state by state have rendered it less effective and more costly. Additionally, 70% of healthcare costs are due to bureaucratic measures and drug company price-gouging. Securing insulin should not break the bank.

Furthermore, our seniors, who have spent their lives contributing to our country, often bear the brunt of our inequitable healthcare system. We need to provide high quality healthcare to all, not just those who can afford it.

That’s why I support Medicare for All: I believe that we need to guarantee healthcare for every American. With this in mind, as we pursue this goal in a divided Congress, we need to enact policies that bring health care to more Americans and provide economic relief while moving us towards a system of universal coverage.

In Congress, I will:

  • Support lowering the age to apply for Medicare, and allow coverage to extend to children and spouses
  • Curb healthcare costs by authorizing our government to negotiate prescription drug prices with pharmaceutical companies through Medicare Part D
  • Fight to enact coverage-expanding policies including a public option
  • Support the Prescription Drug Price Relief Act to reduce our nation’s inflated drug prices as well as other policies that cap the cost of common life-saving medications, such as insulin
  • Advocate for Medicare’s expansion to cover dental, vision, and hearing care in the Build Back Better bill to support our seniors
  • Hold corrupt pharmaceutical companies accountable for exploitative practices like “surprise bill” tactics, and hidden deductibles, premiums, and copays