Preventing the Next Pandemic

As we continue to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic that inflicted such a horrible toll, our government has a moral obligation to enact policies to prevent the next one. It’s not a question of if the next deadly pandemic will occur, but when. We can’t afford to do nothing. That’s why I support large-scale government investment in researching and preparing for the next pandemic. The U.S. can and should become a leader in making sure we never again have a crisis on the scale of COVID-19.

In Congress, I will:

  • Fight for significant funding in the next budget reconciliation process to support pandemic prevention and preparedness efforts
  • Work to ensure the U.S. is a leader in researching and developing future vaccines, testing, and therapeutics to treat future pandemics
  • Ensure that federal infrastructure investments prioritize pandemic preparedness, including in building regulations and construction
  • Ensure Congress provides effective oversight of government agencies and research institutions dealing with biohazard research